Village Of Lake George
Planning and Zoning

Dan Barusch

Planning and Zoning

Dan Barusch

Director of Planning and Zoning


Director's Email:


Doug Frost

Code Enforcement Officer


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Stephanie Fregoe

Planning and Zoning Clerk


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The Planning and Zoning Office administers the Zoning Code and other Land Use Regulations of the Village of Lake George.


This office works with the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals in regulating development throughout the Village.  Meetings of the Boards asre held monthly, the third Wednesday for the Planning Board and the first Wednesday for the Zoning Board of Appeals.  Other meetings are held when necessary.


In order to be included on the agenda for a specific date, applications and paper work must be submitted to the Office prior to the deadline.  Included on this page (Planning Board Meeting Schedule and Application Deadlines, Zoning Board Meeting Schedule and Application Deadlines) are the dates of the Planning Board and Zoning Board Meetings along with the deadline dates for applications.


It is through this office that those involved in any building or development would otain a Certificate of Complaince, a document necessary in order to obtain a Buliding Permit from the County.


Copies of th Zoning Ordinance and other Land Use Regulations can be found in the Village Hall or at the link section of this page "Village of Lake George Code."


Applications for Site Plan Review, Special Use Permits, Zoning Variances, Excavation or Demolition Permits, and other land use related permits can be downloaded from tihis page or picked up at the Village Hall.


The Planning and Zoning Office also handles stormwter issues and complaints in conjunction with the Department of Public Works.


Hazard Mitigation


 The Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Warren County Office of Emergency Services would like to announce that surveys to collect information for the new Warren County Hazard Mitigation Plan are now available online.


At this time there are nine different on-line surveys that are available for public outreach and education. They run the gamut from general citizenry to emergency responders to business and more. These surveys provide an opportunity to provide information that will assist with the development of the Hazard Mitigation Plan.   You can access the surveys directly at You can also access the surveys through the link below.


This is an opportunity for your concerns or issues to be heard and included in the Hazard Mitigation Plan.


Useful related documents:

Building Community Resilience with Hazard Mitigation
Risk Map Discovery Flyer
Risk Map Flood Risk Products
Warren County NY Haz Mitigation Resources



Economic Development 


The Village of Lake George, in coordination with the Adirondack Park Agency’s Hamlet Economic Planning and Assistance initiative, are developing an economic development plan for the Hamlet areas of Lake George.  The plan will also seek to leverage improvements from the Gateway Project, which will turn Route 9 from Exit 21 to the Village line into a boulevard with sidewalks, new lighting, a median, and bike lanes, to generate new growth in the community.   In order to determine components of the plan, we seek your input and feedback.  Please fill out this survey so that we can achieve your vision for Lake George!  Link:



Storm Water Management


For any concerns or report of violations regarding stormwater runoff and pollution, please call 518-668-5131 (x311) to talk to the Stormwater Management Officer.

A public survey has been developed to garner input from residents on the perception of stormwater pollution issues. The survey can be accessed through the following link (, or by downloading the file below. Surveys not filled out online can be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Office.

Printable copy of the Stormwater Pollution survey:
MS4 public survey

Several brochures are available here which include information valuable to all residents relative to storm water management:

 A homeowner’s guide to septic tanks

House Hazardous Waste information

Green up Lawns, not lakes and rivers


Don’t P on your lawn

Oil and Water don’t mix

Urban Runoff and its relationship to water quality

After The Storm: A guide to understanding stormwater

Construction Poster 1

Construction Poster 2


2019 MS4 Report (PDF - 2.6 MB)
Act as Agent Form (PDF - 345.4 KB)
Banner Permit (PDF - 301.1 KB)
Boarding House Permit (PDF - 164.0 KB)
Demollition Permit (PDF - 124.6 KB)
Excavation Permit (PDF - 132.6 KB)
Fence Permit (PDF - 226.3 KB)
Greasetrap Permit (PDF - 232.6 KB)
Sign Permit (PDF - 265.9 KB)
Special Use Permit (PDF - 246.9 KB)
Temporary Sign Permit (PDF - 88.8 KB)
Tent Permit (PDF - 89.7 KB)
Use Variance Application (PDF - 328.5 KB)
ZONING MAP, 2/2015 (PDF - 365.2 KB)
Architectural Design Standards and Guidlines Supplement, adopted on July 22, 2014.
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