Village Of Lake George

Conference for Shared Service Scheduled

December 03, 2019
Table Of Contents:
Village and Town to meet December 10, to discuss Shared Services

Lake George Town Supervisor Dennis Dickinson and Lake George Village Mayor Robert Blais have announced an agreement to hold a first annual Shared Services Conference between the two municipalities on Tuesday, December 10.

                The purpose of the conference will be to evaluate and discuss all the current services shared and explore additional ways to expand them or create new ones.

                The two municipalities currently share services in sixteen areas and boast that is the most between a town and village in New York State.

                He also related that they have a unique opportunity to expand those services as they employed brothers as their new Superintendent of Public Works. Rob Lanfear (town) and Keith Lanfear (village) have both recently been appointed to fill positions vacated by retirees.

                Currently the Village and Town share Justice Court, Assessor, Code Administration, Code Enforcement, Youth Commission, Waterfront Safety, Dog Warden, Fire Protection, Sewage treatment and Landscaping Services.

                They also share costs on the Teen Center, Student Connections and special events. The Village Hall was built on Town land and the Town’s Recycling Center is on Village property. Both are rent fee.

                Supervisor Dickinson and Mayor Blais have estimated the cost savings to be over $150,000 for both municipalities.

                The Mayor, Supervisor, key department employees and others involved in the services will be invited to attend. Members will then be expected to report back to their individual Boards with recommendations for next year.

                “Lacking total consolidation of our communities we are always looking for ways to improve our services and save taxpayers’ funds,” Mayor Blais said.

                Town Supervisor Dickinson said, “Both of our communities have benefitted over the years from sharing services and this conference will solidify our intentions each year.”

                Lake George Village is located in the center of the town and sharing services makes so much sense both leaders said.

                Questions: Mayor Robert Blais   518-668-5771 x8

                                      Supervisor Dennis Dickinson 518-668-5722

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